Track Your Sleep Apnea Treatment with Continuous Oxygen Monitoring

"I didn’t expect my father-in-law to enjoy tracking his sleep apnea treatment."

Have you ever felt like this in the morning: You wake up groggy and lacking energy. Maybe you have a headache. As you take off your CPAP mask and go to clean it, you think “Did this work last night? Is something wrong? Is all this worth it?”

It’s always helpful to actually see the difference your sleep apnea treatment is making. That’s where tracking your therapy with Wellue O2Ring comes in handy. O2Ring is an registered oxygen monitor that shows you the quality of sleep apnea treatment your body is getting.

Why track my sleep apnea treatment?

I didn’t expect my father-in-law to enjoy tracking his sleep apnea treatment.

It took years just to convince him to get tested for sleep apnea. He knew he snored, thanks to all the elbows he’d receive at night from my mother-in-law. But when she told him she witnessed him not breathing while he slept, he finally went to get tested and treated.

“I would just not breathe,” I remember him telling me, “for 10 to 20 seconds at a time.”

Once he started sleep apnea treatment, I suggested that he track his sleep data with O2Ring. I worried that it might be too overwhelming, on top of wearing his CPAP mask every night and cleaning it in the morning. But to the contrary, seeing the numbers – particularly the low number of apneas – gives him all the motivation he needs to stay on his CPAP treatment.

“It’s like having your own personal sleep coach.”

When you wake up, O2Ring shows you exactly how many apneas or hypopneas you had on the APP or PC software. Seeing this info right away can help you see the quality sleep your body is getting. It’s like having your own personal sleep coach right by your side. You can also share the report with your doctor.

Wellue O2Ring Features

● Overnight Tracking: Track your oxygen levels, heart rate, and even body movements every second, continuously. Oxygen Level Range: 70–99 percent. Pulse Rate Range: 30–250 BPM.

● Silent Vibration Alarm: When low oxygen levels and abnormal heart rate is detected, the O2 ring has a built-in silent vibrator to wake you up but not your partner. The vibration intensity and threshold can also be adjusted to your preference and needs.

● Detailed & Smart Reporting:It provides you a detailed trend chart with a 4-second interval. Very detailed reporting, it tells you how long your oxygen falls below 90 percent and how many times your O2 drops over 4 percent for the whole night. With the high-resolution chart, you can zoom in and out to see more detailed information and even the exact values when it happens.


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