BabyO2™ Baby Oxygen Monitor

*Not Available in USA

  • Specially designed for babies. Medical accurate sensor combined with open weave fabric wearing on baby’s foot delivers comfortable and safe monitoring.
  • Two sizes of soft wraps for different age stages, with velcro to secure precisely.
  • Automatically detects and records the oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, and body movements every second during sleep and daily life.
  • APP and device alarm will remind you of low oxygen saturation. You can turn on/off the reminder and adjust the audio volume on your mobile APP and the device separately.
  • Connected the free iOS/Android APP via Bluetooth, check real-time blood oxygen, heart rate, and PI, track the detailed historical data.
  • Export, print and share the PDF/CSV format oximetry reports from free PC Windows software and Mac app.

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Customer Reviews

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Undisputed Results

Tested out the SpO2 monitor while my daughter is in the nicu to see if the readings would be relatively the same. Felt comforting to know that the Wellue monitor is an accurate and reliable device.

Very impressed!

After our daughter was diagnosed with central sleep apnea at 3 weeks old And now on oxygen 24/7 we wanted to get an monitor with oxygen levels, Heart rate and movement.
We couldn’t afford other oxygen level monitors on the market and a lot only went to 18months the wellue baby oxygen monitor goes to 36months.
We are in Australia and shipping was faster than I expected maybe just over a week. My Husband thought that I had got a doozy due to only having 1 review but after the first night having the monitor on and being able to save the data to the computer app and printing out sleep reports for her doctor 4hrs away. Our doctor was very impressed at quality!
I wish we purchased this when she was first born.

Must have

Every parent should definitely consider this as an essential item! It has actually been a life saver. Thank you so very much... only feedback would be advertise more because I was lucky to stumble upon finding your product and such a great price too, it would be great if everyone knew you existed

Jenz C.
Best of its kind

1. Very mobile
2. Keeps a report
3. Charge last way longer
4. Compared to a hospital grade device its a good as that even checked with doctors and nurses.

Kristi P.
Great product.

My daughter has seizures. I wanted a product that I could put on her at night or when she has had a seizure. I also needed a product that I could strap onto her leg/arm because she will not tolerate putting anything on her fingers. Even though my daughter just turned 4 years old, the BabyO2 Baby Oxygen Monitor has worked well for our needs. At this moment, she is still small enough to attach the monitor to her foot and leg by using the largest straps. Once she gets bigger, I plan to attach it to her wrist and arm. I even attached the monitor to my big toe to try the products accuracy, and it was able to get a reading that way. Being able to see her stats on my phone is convenient and reassuring. The battery lasts quite a while, also. This product has definitely helped ease my mind some.

Liette L.

This works very well. It picks up low oxygen level really well. Very happy with this purchase!


This is the most amazing monitor for home use! It grows with your baby, and has different bands for different ages. It is easy to read on the band's screen and your phone! I take it everywhere in case I cant count heart rates or have concern with my childrens breathing. 2 of my kids have asthma and 1 has (WPW) Wolff Parkinson's White Syndrome, and I have to monitor his heart rate. He is just now a year old. My daycare provider can also do it and can have it link to my account! It tracks more than 15 minutes of the time but does it in 15 minute increments on the home screen. If you want to see the full time frame you have to turn the device off then go to history on the app. IT REALLY IS AS EASY AS PLACE IT, TURN ON AND WHATCH THE MAGIC! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS!

Ricardo Q.
Great product

Great product, lets us get a good nights sleep, Knowing the sensor is keeping an eye out on our baby.


works well, easy to use.

Makala H.

It’s a great device and keeps a peace of mind after my daughter had RSV. I had the owelette sock and it kept alarming me and my husband way too much, I was 4days into the est 7days of the cold when it was found and by then all she needed was oxygen help. She was born premature and that is very rare to only have oxygen help. I returned the sock and started searching for hospital like O2 monitor and found this! And ever since iv had 1 scare that could have been from improper placement. I love the monitor because as long as my baby is with me(all the time, EVEN THE CAR!)I can use it. I love the history it gives as well, wish time was different( not in 24hr setting) but still LOVE!

What's in the Box?

  • Wellue BabyO2™ baby oxygen monitor

  • Sensor cable

  • 2 soft wraps in different sizes

  • Data/Charging cable

  • User guide

  • * Smart phone and laptop not included


Not available in USA. For most of other countries and regions, we offer free shipping. The referenced transit time is 2-8 business days.

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Key Features

Specifically for Baby

For Baby 0-3 years old; Suit baby’s foot size and sleeping safety demands

Owlet Owlet smart sock baby oximete

Audio Reminder

Audio reminder for low blood oxygen saturation on mobile APP & device;

Adjustable alarm volume & threshold


Gentle and breathable fabric provides a comfortable wearing experience like a sock

Real-time Tracking 

Monitor, track and record oxygen levels and heart rate every second continuously

Free iOS/Android APP

Pair by Bluetooth 4.0; Track real-time data, review history records and receive low oxygen alarm instantly

Free PC Software

Free Mac App 

Export and save detailed PDF/CSV reports;

Share with families and doctors

Built-in Memory

Work stand-alone, even without smartphone;

Sync data automatically when connected to App.


Built-in rechargeable battery;

16 hours battery life

Tech Specs


1.09 oz / 31g

(main unit with band and sensor)


1.93'' x 1.06'' x 0.55''  


30 to 250 bpm  



owlet smart sock baby oxygen monitor


Low oxygen levels 




Oxygen levels, pulse rate, motion 


4 sessions, up to 10 hours for each


Windows 7/8/10

macOS 10.15.3 or above


iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s/iPad 3 or above; Android 5.0 or above, with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


Rechargeable lithium-polymer, 3.7 Vdc; 2-3 hours charging time; 16 hours for typical use