Frequently Asked Questions

Mean Atrial Pressure

MAP(Mean Atrial Pressure) informs you how well your body is processing oxygenated blood that is delivered to the tissues and organs. The majority of blood pressure machines in hospitals will calculate it. If MAP is low, a person can go into shock, but a high MAP can also have negative implications.

Pulse Pressure

There's research showing that pulse pressure can be valuable when looking at a patient’s overall risk profile.

Mercury Bar

When the doctor is using the traditional manual blood pressure monitor to detect your blood pressure, he or she will watch the mercury bar to decide where is the systolic blood pressure and where is dysolic blood pressure, when listening to your heart beat.

Pulse Waveform

Each wave corresponds to a heartbeat and the amplitude to the amount of blood detected in your blood vessels. Consistent waveform represents good blood flow detected. After connected with smartphone, you can easily see the pulse waveform during measurement.

Available cuff size for measurement?

Wide range cuff, fits arms 9" to 17"(22-42cm) in circumference.