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Wellue Pulsebit™ EX

Personal ECG/EKG Monitor

Wellue Pulsebit EX ECG/EKG monitor

Detect Your Heart Precisely

Take a noise-free medical-grade EKG anytime, anywhere

Wellue Pulsebit EX ECG/EKG monitor
Wellue pulsebit ex ekg ecg monitor with app and PC software

Key Features

  • Take noise-free EKG with cable and reusable electro pads
  • Take EKG cable free on your palm
  • Wireless personal EKG monitor
  • Lead I, Lead II or Chest Lead
  • 30s / 60s / 5m recording duration
  • Reports in free App & PC Software
  • Card size, built-in memory, touch screen with graphic guidance

*Note: You should let your doctor interprets EKG if you have a pacemaker. 

Diversify Measurement to Meet Personal Needs

Original EKG signal from Lead I is very small for someone, for such case you can get bigger signal from Lead II or Chest Lead.

30 seconds/60seconds/5minutes recording duration you can choose. 

Measurement with built-in electrodes is more convenient; with external cable can sample noise-free EKG signal.

wellue ekg monitor diversify measurement
wellue ekg monitor lead I hand-held
wellue ecg monitor lead I with cable
wellue pulsebit ex ecg monitor lead I with cable

Why external cable is highly valuable?

It’s hard to get high-quality EKG if hands tremble easily or skin is too dry. With external cable and electro pads, you can get noise-free EKG in any case.

When hands tremble or skin is too dry.

wellue pulsebit ex ekg monitor analysis results screen

Reliable and Professional Analysis

wellue pulsebit ex ekg monitor analysis results screen

  • Arrhythmia

  • Heart Pause

  • Atrial Fibricular (AF)

  • Tachycardia & Bradycardia

  • Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC)

*Note: All of these are shown as 'Irregular heart beat'.

Manage your EKG data on Your Smartphone

Unlimited storage in your phone App.

View and share report anytime, anywhere.

Help you to view the corresponding user's data clearly and intuitively.

Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG Monitor App EKG report
Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG Monitor App EKG PDF report share

Reports on Bigger Screen and Share with Doctor

  • Unlimited storage in your PC software.
  • Presenting free professional reports to you.
  • PC software allows you to download/review/print reports, save as PDF/JPG, share with doctor directly.
  • Compatibility of the computer system: Windows 7/8/10.  

Single User or Dual User

Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG Monitor two user mode

Available single or dual user mode, more humanized design, much useful.
Dual-user mode makes it easy to store and review history data of two users respectively. 

Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG Monitor two user mode

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What Our Customers Say?


"My Primary doc and my cardiologist were very impressed with the readings produced by this awesome little tech gadget...I'm a retired cardiac nurse and I love it and would not be without it." 


"I was diagnosed with irregular heartbeat while undergoing rehabilitation following heart surgery. My cardiologist wanted to know how often this was occuring. My Pulsebit product gives me the information I need when I need it most. It fits easily in my pocket, weighs next to nothing and works like a charm."


"I like the Pulsebit EX for home use and Pulsebit Mate for travel...I have been sending graph to my Cardiologist by email as he is 100 miles away! My Pulsebit gives me the ability to capture my problem when it happens anywhere"


"I purchased this device for my parents who are hesitated to try any new technology, but they got to know how to use this cute and neat device in a second...We tried with external leads or without external leads, the result seems like similar."



64g / 2.25oz


3.5'' x 2.2'' x 0.5''


2.4'' touch screen, color, backlit


Bluetooth 4.0 BLE 


iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s / iPad 3 or above Android 5.0 or above


2-3 hours


>500 checks


Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery


Windows 7 / 8 / 10, not compatible with Mac


30 to 250 bpm


30s, 60s, 5 minutes


30s x 100 pieces 


Single or Dual 

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