Frequently Asked Questions

Biocare 3-channel ECG (IE300)

Do you sell the thermal recording paper refills? Also, if one is a physician, what do we need to do to get access to the ECG analysis program? Do we just need to submit a copy of our medical license?

Biocare iE300 ECG machine paper refill is now available here: If you're a physician, you don't need to submit a license to use the machine. Once you purchase the ECG, you can use the built-in analysis program without extra charges.

For the chest leads, are those suction? Picture shows suction but then it state has clips? Does the electrodes have the tabs for the clips?

We provide two ways for chest lead measurements. You can either use suction electrodes or snap-clip adapters (with disposable electrodes we provide in the package), depending on your habit to do EKGs. The disposable electrodes and the snap-clip adapter should be use together on the chest.

Will this detect pacemaker spikes? Can this be used if the patient has a dual chamber pacemaker?

Yes, this 12-lead EKG is able to detect packmaker spikes. You can use it on your patients with dual-chamber pacemaker.

Is there a warranty for the device?

Our company guarantees the new instrument on the material and technological qualification for this product within 18 months and the accessories within 6 months since the purchasing day, while consumables are not included in the guarantee. This warranty is inapplicable to the products undergoing any modifications, disassembles, refittings or self-repairings without the permission of our company. We're not responsible of the products damaged by accidents such as fire, thunder and lightning, flood and other disasters, intentional damage, improper installation and improper usage.