Frequently Asked Questions

Biocare 12-channel ECG (IE12A)

Where can I buy the 210x140 z-fold paper?

Biocare iE12A ECG machine paper refill is now available here:

What's the difference between this 12-channel and the 3-channel one, except more channels?

Biocare iE12A (12-channel) ECG unit has widened practice compatibilities, designed for professional Cardiac centers and labs. With more advanced features such as VCG acquisition, touchable screen, and detailed ECG reports. While Biocare iE300 (3-channel) suits clinics and family care medicine, to perform instant ECG tests and generate basic reports.

Will this detect pacemaker spikes?

Yes, the 12-channel EKG Machine can recognize pacemaker spikes.

Is there a warranty for the device?

Our company guarantees the new instrument on the material and technological qualification for this product within 18 months and the accessories within 6 months since the purchasing day, while consumables are not included in the guarantee. This warranty is inapplicable to the products undergoing any modifications, disassembles, refittings or self-repairings without the permission of our company. We're not responsible of the products damaged by accidents such as fire, thunder and lightning, flood and other disasters, intentional damage, improper installation and improper usage.

What are the main features of the Biocare iE 12A digital 12-channel ECG machine?

  • Smart and portable design, lightweight (3.4 kg) with integrated handle making it easily transportable
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of continuous working capability
  • 8.9-inch high resolution TFT touch screen with 15-degree angle, easy to view
  • ECG Interpretation with selectable interpretation printing
  • Waterproof and full alphanumeric keyboard with shortcut keys, efficient in operation
  • Broad frequency response 0.05~250Hz for weaker signal recognition and capture, more suitable for pediatrics
  • Specific age and gender differential validity in Biocare CardioProTM analysis program maximizes the accuracy of the ECG interpretation
  • Unique ECG acquisition module with 3 independent keys streamlines the whole workflow
  • ECG electrode placement diagram for lead connection guide and alarming
  • Up to 300 seconds frozen waveforms reviewable and recordable
  • Up to 300 seconds R-R analysis in 1 or 3 rhythms for easier in arrhythmia locating
  • Cabrera mode available
  • Support various file formats: Biocare, XML, DICOM, JPG and PDF
  • Massive local storage for up to 1500 files
  • 3 ways of file storage: local memory, SD card, USB flash disk
  • ECG management software by LAN

Is it CE or FDA certificated?

Yes. It has received CE Mark (EC Certificate Link) and FDA Approval (FDA Clearance Link). 
Strictly follow these essential standards:

  • Quality Management Systems: EN ISO13485
  • Electrical Safety: IEC 60601-1
  • EMC: EN/IEC 60601-1-2
  • Particular Safety: IEC 60601-2-25
  • Biological compatibility: ISO10993
  • Software: EN/IEC 62304