Wellue O2ring Story-Love O2 Ring , Powerful Phone & Computer Reports

---From Terri


I purchased the O2 Ring in March 2020. In April 2020 I started using a C-Pap.

To be honest, I trust the O2 Ring Report more than I do the C-Pap report. The O2 Ring has an app-based report that gives you a nice visual including statistics of your night oxygen levels. The O2 Ring also has a PDF and .cvs report that provides more data that you can download on your computer. That report is very similar to a sleep study report done by doctors. My C-Pap (DreamStation) report “estimates" data to report: Total Clear Airway Apneas, Total Obstructive Apneas, and Total Hypopneas. Sometimes the C-Pap says I have 15 or more hypopnea events, but the O2 Rings shows my true oxygen level doesn't drop below 93%, and then only for a few seconds. If you are using a C-Pap, I highly recommend you check your “actual” oxygen levels while sleeping, and the O2 Rings does this easily.

In May 2020 I purchased a 2nd O2 Ring for my husband, and there was a problem with the battery. I emailed Wellue and they got back to me quickly and sent a replacement ring immediately, no charge. I have contacted customer support a couple of times with technical questions, and they always get back to me quickly. I'm impressed with their customer service.

My husband is on night oxygen because his oxygen levels drop below 89% at times. With the O2 Ring, we can monitor how he is doing and make sure his oxygen settings are optimal, not too high or too low. I am amazed that for C-Pap and for oxygen therapy, the machines don't monitor “actual” Oxygen Levels. Doctors are guessing at settings without any real data, in my opinion! With the O2 Ring, you will have better information than the reports generated by a C-Pap machine.

Continuous oxygen delivery, as far as I know, does not monitor your actual oxygen levels, at least the Respironics machine he is using does not. We both wear our O2 ring every night and download both the app report and the computer report. On the app report, you can edit information to add to the report. I like the visual summary of the app report and I email it (comes in as a picture) to my email.

I highly recommend the O2 Ring, it has provided my husband and me with “real” oxygen levels while we sleep. It also monitors heart rate, # of oxygen level drops >3% and also greater than 4% and gives you the # of drops/hr for both 3% & 4% drops. It gives you your high, average, and low readings for both Oxygen and Heart Rate. The pdf/.csv report provides all the data, the app report gives you a summary. Both reports give you your total time wearing the ring. It provides you a score from 1-10 (10 being the best) about your quality of sleep.

Thank you Wellue! I LOVE our O2 Rings. Being a “data” based decision-maker, I find it invaluable! (FYI: I also compared my O2 Computer PDF Report with the Doctor Ordered home sleep study report, and the data was the same.) I have also at times during the night checked my oxygen with a finger pulse oximeter, and the readings were the same as the O2 ring. (I've attached the O2 app report on my phone and a print screen from the C-Pap report). The C-Pap report shows 12 Hypopneas, but the O2 Report shows that my minimum Oxygen was 91%. On the O2 report, I add notes that include the date, day of the week, my O2 Score, My AHI Score, and the (2-6-12) is the C-Pap data for Total Clear Airway Apneas, Total Obstructive Apneas, and Total Hypopneas.)

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