Wellue O2ring Story-The perfect device if snoring or having sleep apnea

---From Michael

Supposedly having been freed of sleep apnea after changing my lifestyle, mainly by losing weight thanks to healthy keto, I wanted to keep an eye on SpO2 and HR during sleep and luckily found this fabulous device.

The major benefit is that it can not only be used for diagnoses, but also therapy due to its configurable vibration alarm. I'm still snoring, which I additionally monitor with a SnoreApp on my mobile, and I usually have several events during the night that trigger the alarm, but I'm not worried anymore that I may suffer from SpO2 undersaturation or a too low HR.

The mobile and PC apps offer sufficient reporting for analysis and I save the CSV and PDF reports daily, but I'm checking these just superficially.

I can not really reproduce the complaint by others that the battery life should be better, because I connect the O2Ring to my laptop for downloading the data every morning anyway and just keep it connected till fully charged. Better battery life would mean a larger battery which would add size and weight to the ring, which definitely is not desirable.

At first, I was worried that the size of the ring might be annoying, especially as I move often during the night, but it does not bother me at all. My fingers are quite skinny for a male, and the ring sits nicely but firm on my left thumb, which felt slightly uncomfortable during the first few nights, but I guess it was just because I wasn't used to it.

Overall a really good investment for better sleep quality and ease of mind. I use my O2Ring every night and during afternoon naps and I don't want to be without it anymore!


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