Wellue O2ring Story-Very Grateful For This Product :O)

---From Fishy F.


This product and the accompanying app are very clean, very modern, just what I was hoping for. Connecting is automatic, downloading data is automatic, etc. Form factor is small, comfortable, well designed. Very, very happy w/ring versus older wristwatch + finger clip product, the other option I considered.

Here is my experience:

Turns on automatically when you put in your finger, counts down to turning off / saving data when you remove your finger.

I downloaded the app for my iPhone from the Apple store. The app comes up searching for devices automatically. On first use had turned on a device with a finger (then removed, stays on for a while), the app found the device & showed pictures of the ring. Clicked on the picture of the ring & was paired.

Clicked "Settings" at the bottom and turned on heart-rate alarm, turned off oxygenation alarm. Easy to use & clean.

Put a ring on, went to bed. Took off when got up in the middle of the night, then put it back on. So 2 data sets were created.

In the morning, the app found ring automatically because it was on, said "loading " and displayed a report when done. Both data sets were loaded. Clicked on each data set to see its respective report.

App has 4 main options across the bottom, "History" which is where your data sets/reports are; "Dashboard" which displays real-time O2 & HR status when the ring is on; "Settings"; and "Discover" which searches for the device.

BTW when the ring is not on, click "Offline Use" at the bottom of the app screen to review data, etc.

Ring does wake me up okay on the default, medium intensity vibration when my HR drops below 40. Feeling better in AM. Very grateful for this product :o)



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