Blood Pressure Monitor

Make blood pressure check a daily routine.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Make blood pressure check a daily routine.

One Device, Two Uses

#1 Blood Pressure Monitor with EKG

Best Seller
bluetooth blood pressure monitor with EKG

BP monitor with EKG in 30 seconds, more comprehensive heart disease reports, data synced via Bluetooth.


Orange Button Version

  • Blood pressure monitoring

  • EKG tracking & EKG reports by AI interpretation

  • Bluetooth connection with free APP

- 18 %
WiFi blood pressure monitor with EKG

BP Monitor with EKG  tracking function that can provide the average value of 3 bp readings, data synced via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.


Black Button Version

  • Average value of 3 blood pressure readings

  • EKG tracking & AI ECG reports

  • Data sync to free APP via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

#2 Blood Pressure Monitor with Massage

upper arm blood pressure monitor with massage, bp cuff

Smart blood pressure monitor with TENS massage for easy measurement and muscle relief.


#3 Blood Pressure Monitor with Oximeter

Innovative integrated design,

BP+SpO2 continuous monitoring


Other Blood Pressure Monitors

Wellue Bluetooth upper arm blood monitor in dark blue.
Bluetooth upper arm BP machine with one-piece design for home use

Not your common BP monitor. Our mean arterial pressure calculation will give your body extra insights. Apple health supported.


An innovative upper arm cuff BP machine to reduce the workload of medical preofessionals.


Storage bag to carry around for convenient checks.


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