A Comparison of Holter Monitor and Wellue 24-Hour ECG Recorder with AI Analysis

Holter Monitor VS Wellue 24-hour ECG Recorder with AI Abalysis

A resting ECG test in the hospital is effective for heart diagnosis when patients have obvious sudden onset symptoms, but it may not detect any heart abnormalities if they are not present at that time. 

The ambulatory ECG by the Holter monitor can continuously record the patient heart's activity under different conditions such as rest, activity, eating, and study for a long time, 24 hours. But it requires 5-7 electrodes absorbed on the chest, which has a greater impact on the user's life.

Nowadays, some wearable ECG monitors are invented to real-time measure the heart's activities for several seconds or minutes. For example, Kardia Mobile ECG Monitor can provide instant ECG on mobile; Wellue PortableECG Monitor with OLED Screen can show real-time ECGs on its OLED screen. However, it didn't solve the problem of long-time monitoring although it is small and light enough to carry.

Is there a wearable ECG monitor that is portable and that can continuously track and record ECG for a long time? 

Wellue created its answer. Its wireless ECG Recorder with AI Analysis can be used like a home-use holter monitor but with greater portability and convenience. It can continuously monitor ECG for 24 hours, recording up to 360,000 ECG/EKG signals. Furthermore, the FDA-approved AI ECG algorithm is used to intelligently diagnose some ECG events, which helps ordinary people understand the ECG waveform more easily and prevent worse heart problems. Wanna know more about ECG events that Wellue ECG Recorder can analyze? Learn more from the article What Does AI ECG Report Include?

COMPARISON - Wellue ECG Recorder with AI Analysis VS Holter monitor


Holter Monitor

Holter monitor

Bulky, with wires

Wellue ECG Recorder with AI Analysis

Compact & portable

Wearing ways

Holter monitor wearing ways

It will alter the wearer's lifestyle.

wearing ways of Wellue ECG Recorder with AI Analysis

With patches or chest strap, the wearer wouldn't mind wearing it for a long time.

Time of getting ECG Analysis

the process of using Holter monitor

It costs lots of time. The person has to rent the Holter monitor, record his ECG and physically deliver the data to a cardiac center to be analyzed.

quickly get ECG report by using Wellue ECG Recorder with AI Analysis

It saves time. Due to the AI ECG Platform approved by the FDA, the person can connect the device to the computer to view the ECG/EKG waveform and get the AI-ECG analysis report from the free-used PC Software.

There already have been some studies that compared the arrhythmia-detecting abilities of the classic Holter monitor with that of the new ECG recorder. Those studies showed that a single-lead ECG recorder continuously recording ambulatory ECG is suitable for detecting cardiac arrhythmias in patients referred for dynamic ECG monitoring. The classic Holter monitor is rented from the hospital for limited 24 hours, while the single-lead ECG recorder is bought by the patients and can be used for a longer time. During the first 24 hours, the multi-lead Holter detected more arrhythmia events than the single-lead ECG recorder. However, since patients would not mind wearing the ECG recorder with patches or chest straps for a relatively long period of time, the portable device was able to detect more ECG events than the bulky Holter. Thus you can see the feasibility of Wellue ECG Recorder with AI Analysis. One day, this compact and portable ECG monitor will play a big role in ambulatory ECG monitoring. It is not to replace the Holter and doctor's analysis, but is to help doctors diagnose quicker and help patients know their hearts better so as to prevent the serious condition.


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