Wellue O2ring Story-Product Build Quality and software accuracy

---From MH


Overall the product seems good. The main concern is really if it’s accurate and reliable. 2nd concern build quality.

So far it has worked well except 1 night(3rd night wearing it)the heart rate was all over the place from 60 to very high over 200 which I never recall in my entire life wearing sport heart rate monitors. Not sure if it was a glitch in the ring software??? Either way I continued to wear for the past month and the heart rate/ pulse rate seemed fairly normal other that the one night. I can judge that the H/R - P/R monitoring is fairly accurate compared with other products I have compared it with. For the O2 levels all I can say is the algorithm used doesn’t seem to make sense since some days I’ll have minimal drops under 10 total and 0 seconds below 90% but a low score however other days drops above 10 total with 1-2min below 90% with a better score, so like I said it is really not sensible how the algorithm is working. To end this point I cannot gauge how accurate it is since if I simultaneously wear the ring and compare it to other POximeters the O2 ring seems to be on average 1-3% lower than the others. The reason I got this was that I was curious to know how I was sleeping P/R, O2 levels and movement. It seems to be a good general reference and for me it answered some questions however to really know a professional doctor would need to evaluate the recorded information.

About the build quality the TPU stretch rubber material I’m afraid will break it just feels very thin that is my impression I may be wrong but have only worn it at night for about 6 weeks. Only time will tell. Also you need to be very careful inserting and removing the charging cable. It is difficult and as mentioned you should not put pressure on the ring sensors or you may damage the product.

This is also a concern putting on and taking off the ring but have figured a way to do it so there is no pressure on those sensitive parts.

Extra points

It would be helpful that the 4% drops are marked in the report now it only says How many but sometimes it’s hard to see where they are in the graph Chart. It would seem this could be fixed or added to a software update.

Also for the heart rate P/R it would be nice to know the lowest and highest amount during the night along with the average which is already great to know.


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