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O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2
O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2
O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2
O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2
  • A smart ring oxygen monitor, tracks your blood oxygen level, heart rate, and body movements every second automatically and accurately.
  • Silent vibration alarm alerts you immediately when low oxygen, low heart rate, or high heart rate are detected. 
  • Record data and store long-term trends on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop for free.
  • Print and share four-second interval, high-resolution oximetry reports with your doctor, bringing great help for a sleep study. 
  • No more oppression, the soft silicone material makes it comfortable to wear overnight.
  • USB rechargeable, one fully charged battery can last for two nights.


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Bjorn S.H.

I have bought two O2Ring and one is used every night. I also use a CPAP. Since I some times take my mask off during sleep, the O2Ring will wake me up when I stop breathing. The second Ring is a spare.

Connie H.
02 Ring Oxygen Monitor

I love these rings. I purchase two so I could monitor my oxygen 24/7. The best thing is the peace of mind I get from always knowing what my oxygen level is. I know when it's time to sit down and let my oxygen catch up and the Ring wakes me up at night if my oxygen falls too much so I can get up and get my heart pumping. This has given me the freedom to move again instead of being worried about my oxygen level all the time

Donald P.

Rings are a bit expensive. However they are the best (maybe only) continuous monitoring puls/ox I have been able to find. This is my second pair. The alarm function has woken me when I lost my O2 supply. So perhaps even saved my life.

Justine G.
Ring oxygen monitor

Love it so easy to use and wear

Useful information

liked the continuous monitoring of SPO2 which provide more information than single reading and results suggested possible sleep apnea which needs further investigation. Instructions on how to use are a little confusing and lacking.

Mary D.
GREAT for persons with Oral Sleep Appliances

I was looking for some easy way to get oxygen data reports for patients using a Mandibular Advancing Device. Patients can use this to confirm settings before going for another Home sleep or overnight lab testing for Sleep Apnea. This ring is easy to use , and with the app it automatically downloads its data into the app. The data summary is easy for a professional and patient to understand and easy for the patient to print out or to export. I do have a fear of it being easily lost- it is small, - it needs to have a tracker on it or at least be a neon color!

Works great

I’m very happy with my O2ring. It’s especially useful while I sleep. My Apple Watch tracks O2%, but the readings are at intervals. With O2ring, I see the whole timeline, and can see when I drop dangerously low. It’s a great tool to help me and my doctor.

Garry M.
Lung and Heart Problems

It’s great ring as it gives you peace of mind when sleeping and let’s you know every time when heart or oxygen have dropped and on one occasion my oxygen had come off and I just put back on otherwise when it drops to far you can get not drunk state where you might not pic up phone for help, so ver good item to have if you have bad lungs or heart, one night it kept going off and it wasn’t my lungs it was my heart which decided to sit on around 40 to 45 beats a minute, and all of this gets relayed to phone so you can send to doc to check and go from there, brilliant.

Nathan W.
Simple Evaluation of Sleeping Oxygenation

I’m hesitant to load apps on my cellphone, but the ViHealth app connects well by bluetooth to the Wellue oximeter ring. The nightly comparisons of SpO2/HR/Movement generate good profiles of levels of problems if any. For instance, low O2 scores were noted in my recent subtle Covid onset.

Dave W.
This ring could be so amazing if only…

I was looking for a continuous 24 hour ring that would sync Bluetooth with my phone and ran across the Wellue O2 ring, continuous, wearable, oxygen monitor ring. This ring is unbelievable in that. It will vibrate and wake you up if you would like me on 24 hour oxygen and your cannula comes out of your nose, and your number is dropped below the threshold that you have sent for the ring it will vibrate very strongly and wake you up to alert you something is not right and this is happened to me several times and, I would have just laid there breathing with not knowing my numbers were that low until my body was in bad enough shape that I woke up on my own. This ring is amazing and you can wear it on your thumb, your index finger, your middle finger or your pinky finger whichever it fits better and it continuously monitors your O2 blood oxygen and your pulse rate per minute and flashes back-and-forth between those two numbers the whole time you have the ring on. The only drawback to this amazing product is the battery life is horrible and you’re lucky if you get 10 or 12 hours out of it meaning you cannot wear it 24 hours a day if you’re like me in poor lung conditions, I want to know if I drop below 88 on my 02 numbers , so I ended up because the battery life is so weak. I ended up buying three of these so I have one on and two charging and ready to go at any time so I will take the one I have on and plug it into my computer and download all of the reports off of there onto my computer and then I will put on another ring immediately And start charging that ring and so on and so on. If this thing had enough battery life that it would last two or three days, it would be a five star ring but the only other drawback is it will only read standard time 12 hours of the day then it goes in to Military time for the other 12 hours of the day , so when you print out your reports of your breathing activity for that day, it will start out in the morning at 8 AM and it may end at 1600 AM which is 8 AM in military time I think? This is one phenomenal device and like I said the two drawback is it doesn’t have real good battery life and it only has standard time for 12 hours of the day and then it reads in military time the other 12 hours of the day. Otherwise, this is a perfect “5” ring

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