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O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2
O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2
O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2
O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2
  • A smart ring oxygen monitor, tracks your blood oxygen level, heart rate, and body movements every second automatically and accurately.
  • Silent vibration alarm alerts you immediately when low oxygen, low heart rate, or high heart rate are detected. 
  • Record data and store long-term trends on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop for free.
  • Print and share four-second interval, high-resolution oximetry reports with your doctor, bringing great help for a sleep study. 
  • No more oppression, the soft silicone material makes it comfortable to wear overnight.
  • USB rechargeable, one fully charged battery can last for two nights.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Bjorn S.H.

I have bought two O2Ring and one is used every night. I also use a CPAP. Since I some times take my mask off during sleep, the O2Ring will wake me up when I stop breathing. The second Ring is a spare.

justine C.
Ring oxygen monitor

Love it so easy to use and wear

Donald P.

Rings are a bit expensive. However they are the best (maybe only) continuous monitoring puls/ox I have been able to find. This is my second pair. The alarm function has woken me when I lost my O2 supply. So perhaps even saved my life.

Oxygen monitor ring

I love the O2 ring! This is my 5th ring. It is great having my oxygen and heart rate monitored all day. My only contention is that the rubber in the back of the ring breaks after a wearing a bit because it is so thin. Then I have to use black duct tape to hold it together, which is embarrassing . If you could somehow strengthen the area there it would be a 5 star rating. The product is easy to use and the app a blessing because I can see my measurements over time there. I do wish it was waterproof as well. I have to wear my ring 24 hours a day so all of my hand washing and taking it on and off is probably what breaks the thin rubber at base of ring. Thank you for your product, and I hope to see in the future when I need to purchase again a more stable area at the base of the band. Have a good day, and I appreciate your product.

Connie H.
02 Ring Oxygen Monitor

I love these rings. I purchase two so I could monitor my oxygen 24/7. The best thing is the peace of mind I get from always knowing what my oxygen level is. I know when it's time to sit down and let my oxygen catch up and the Ring wakes me up at night if my oxygen falls too much so I can get up and get my heart pumping. This has given me the freedom to move again instead of being worried about my oxygen level all the time

Works great

I’m very happy with my O2ring. It’s especially useful while I sleep. My Apple Watch tracks O2%, but the readings are at intervals. With O2ring, I see the whole timeline, and can see when I drop dangerously low. It’s a great tool to help me and my doctor.

Christos K.

O2Ring™ Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor x2

Garry M.
Lung and Heart Problems

It’s great ring as it gives you peace of mind when sleeping and let’s you know every time when heart or oxygen have dropped and on one occasion my oxygen had come off and I just put back on otherwise when it drops to far you can get not drunk state where you might not pic up phone for help, so ver good item to have if you have bad lungs or heart, one night it kept going off and it wasn’t my lungs it was my heart which decided to sit on around 40 to 45 beats a minute, and all of this gets relayed to phone so you can send to doc to check and go from there, brilliant.

Urban S.
O2 ring

nice and accurate product, cool to use in general aviation for monitoring O2 levels while flying

Mark M.K.

Great tool to explore sleep apnea issues

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