KidsO2™ Child Oxygen Monitor

  • Specially designed for children.
  • Automatically detects and records the oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, and body movements every second during sleep and daily life.
  • APP and device prompt will remind you of low oxygen saturation. You can turn on/off the reminder and adjust the audio volume on your mobile APP and the device separately.
  • Connected the free iOS/Android APP via Bluetooth, check real-time blood oxygen, heart rate, and PI, track the detailed historical data.
  • Export, print and share the PDF/CSV format oximetry reports from free PC software and Mac app.


*This device is for General Wellness & Sports & Aviation use only and not intended for medical use. 

Not available in the USA

Reviews, Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Emily S.

My daughter has epilepsy and her seizures only occur at night. When she seizes, she stops breathing but makes no other sound or motion. That means we don’t hear her seize but she needs us to monitor her to make sure the seizure stops in an appropriate amount of time. This ring has detected 5 seizures in the past 4 weeks that would have otherwise gone undetected, 4 of which needed a medication assist to stop. We were under the impression we had her epilepsy under control, but now we know we don’t and we have data to show the doctor. Every single child with epilepsy should have one of these. So grateful for this technology.


My son does not need this all the time but whenever he has a respiratory illness he becomes hypoxic and needs o2. We have used many pulse oxs over the years. Here are the pros and cons we have with this device

Pediatric size- most are designed for adults and so they don’t give the best accurate reading

Works while awake- with the clip on ones my son has to sit as still as a statue to get a read, this allows for more movement than others. Yes, when they squirm a lot you can’t get a read, but even hospital pulse ox monitors cannot get a read when a child is moving.

Device alarm- I love not having to wake up every hour at night to check that his oxygen mask hasn’t fallen of, the alarm is loud enough to wake me up when in the same room as him, although I am a light sleeper, my husband sleeps right through it.

Bluetooth- as mentioned by others the Bluetooth connection is very week you must be within a few feet of the device

App- the app does not support notifications so you must have your phone on and open to the app at all times if you want to be notified on your phone. This is something I hope they update or at least explain on their description. I feel it is a bit misleading to claim that you get notifications on your phone when most people rarely have their phone open to one app all the time and never lock their screen.

Great Product, but didn't last

We have had the pediatric ring for less than a month. My son is 5, was only wearing it at night and short periods during the day, our first attempt to let him wear it to school for the day to get a better, all around, idea of his O2 sats, the band broke. This product is too expensive to have only lasted one full day of wear. I have contacted the company in an attempt to get a replacement band or full ring, but I have not heard back.
Pros: Love the blue tooth, the reliable date, the size and comfort
Cons: Not durable for normal day time child wear.

Fiona M.

I love this product! I suspected my son had sleep apnea and needed a adenoidectomy so purchased a cheap finger clip O2 monitor. Lack of recording made it difficult to monitor. I had to sit at watch it while he slept to see what was happening. Then I found this amazing product specially for children. The reliability, alarm option, the reporting functionality make this so easy to use. App was simple to set up. When my son is asleep I just pop the ring in him and in the morning I have a full graphic report of what happened while he was asleep. I can also check in during the night for live stats on my phone or set the alarm to let me know oxygen levels have dropped via my phone or set ring to vibrate to trigger my son to move position to allow easier breathing. Each nights report also has space to log a note, e.g. child had nightmare, restless sleep, etc.
The only way I had this visibility was to pay for a 2 night use of equipment from doctor that had a 3 month waiting list. This product did a better job as easier for child to wear and cheaper too.
I believe sleep apnea is the root cause of a lot of behavioural issues (ADHD like behaviours) in children but is often un/misdiagnosed. Every child should have their sleep checked a couple of times a year and this makes it a cheap and easy option.
In my view every home with children should have this. It's like the owlet sock for older children.

Great and reliable device for peace of mind monitoring of our special need kid life

My son suffers of epilepsy and has also respiratory deficiencies; his seizures mainly occur while asleep, causing him to stop breathing. This device allows us to close monitor and react if needed. I also bough the wrist monitor version, which I am using while the kid’s O2 is charging. It’s extremely functional, lightweight and easy to use, including pairing with the family iPhones and downloading recorded data. Thanks for this help and keep up the great work.

Sara S.
Great for peace of mind

My son was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. This ring has been amazing for peace of mind while he sleeps at night. We weren’t sure if he was having seizures while he was sleeping and this has helped big time! Would recommend for anyone wanting to track your child’s pulse and oxygen levels. The battery life is great and lasts the entire night. Best purchase I’ve made this year :)

A tool to avoid SUDEP?

I bought KidsO2 Pediatric Oxygen Monitor and found it to be useful. It tracks oxygen saturation, heart rate and motion. The alarm triggers for low oxygen saturation - which I believe helps caretakers of epileptic patients to take appropriate action in time.

Too bad it won't trigger when the heart rate goes out of range. It is know that the during the seizure activities the heart rate and rhythm are affected. I hope Wellue can implement a alarm based on heart rate as well.

We can hook the device to a PC/Mac and download the data using the software provided. It churns out interesting reports to see oxygen drops, heart rate fluctuation and motion.

The mobile app needs improvements, though it serves the basic functions right.

Very helpful but

Would be great to get a notification about oxygen drops even if phone is locked. I don’t want to set up on the device as I don’t want to awake my little one. Overall is a great product for children on the market.

Elwood G.

Great product and excellent service. This product lets us all sleep so much better every night. Our daughter was diagnosed with a type of epilepsy that strikes while she sleeps and can lead to life threatening breathing issues. The first episode resulted in her being airlifted to the local children’s hospital, but her low O2 levels were what made it life threatening. Now, my daughter can be monitored at night so that we can wake up and assist her when it happens. Thank you!

Sarah H.
Good product.

The kidsO2 pediatric oxygen monitor works well. It gives me all the info and data I need for my son.

I’d love for the app the have a few updates:

Ability to look at the reports on app without ring turned on. Like when I’m at my son’s pediatrician.

Ability to see reports in real time while the child is sleeping rather than after the ring is removed. It would be nice to check on how he has been breathing throughout the night.

Further Bluetooth range would be helpful.

The ring alarm and the need to leave the app open for alarms requires improvement.

Thank you for your product.

What's in the Box?

  • Wellue KidsO2 children oxygen monitor

  • Micro USB cable

  • User guide

* Smart phone and laptop not included

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

At any time within 30 days of receiving your order, you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it to us for a refund.If you bought the product from www.getwellue.com, you can return it to us. 

Your payment card will be credited upon receipt of the returned merchandise. Any items damaged due to reasons not covered under warranty cannot be accepted back for refund under our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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Key Features

Specifically for Children

For kids 3-10 years old*

Aim at children’s size, requirements and preference

Audio Reminder

Audio reminder for low blood oxygen saturation on mobile APP & device

Adjustable alarm volume & threshold

Comfortable & Wearable

Easily wear on one finger 

Convenience for everyday use

Real-time Tracking 

Record heart rate & oxygen levels every second continuously

Free iOS/Android APP

Connect device to APP via Bluetooth 4.0 

 Analysis and trends of oxygen saturation & heart rate

Free PC Software 

Free Mac App

Share PDF/CSV analysis reports 

Built-in Memory

Work stand-alone, even without smartphone


Built-in rechargeable battery

14-16 hours battery life

*The age range is to be used for reference only. The ring perimeter is 1.7'' - 1.9''/42-49mm and it can be worn on any finger.

pulse oximeter

Tech Specs


0.53 oz / 15g


1.5'' x 1.2'' x 1.5'' 


1.7'' - 1.9''/ 42-49mm

*Can be worn on any finger 


Bluetooth 4.0 BLE 


Rechargeable lithium-polymer, 3.7 Vdc; 14-16 hours for typical use


Low oxygen levels 




Oxygen levels, pulse rate, motion 


Windows 7/8/10;

macOS 10.15.3 or above


iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s/iPad 3 or above; Android 5.0 or above, with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE




30 to 250 bpm


1 second 


4 seconds 


4 sessions, up to 10 hours for each 

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