Personal EKG Monitor
  • It’s hard to get high-quality EKG if hands tremble easily or skin is too dry. With external cable and electronic pads, you can get noise-free EKG in any case. Take 5 mins noise-free EKG with external cable and electronic pads
  • Quick 30s/60s/5min EKG record and analysis with/without external cables, easy to use and suitable for everyone.
  • Provide Lead I, Lead II or chest Lead measurement
  • Sync your report to your phone via Bluetooth or to your PC via cable. Free Phone APP & PC software allows you to review, save, download and share your reports.
  • With the built-in memory, the device can work independently without a phone, allows you to replay historical records.
  • The multi-user mode makes it easy to store two users’ data separately. Suitable for family use.

      Reviews, Q&A

      Customer Reviews

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      My first EKG monitor

      There are not enough reviews on this so hope it helps.
      I wish I could compare it to something else, but can't.
      I got one because every now and then I'd feel something in my chest, like a palpitation or a strong heartbeat. But I could not tell if it was gas or not.

      Now I know a few of them really are my heart, and some are just gas moving around.

      Why did I choose Wellue?
      a. I don't know who Viatom really is, but I guess they are a reputable company? And Wellue is their consumer arm.
      b. It can do recordings RIGHT AWAY without needing to connect via bluetooth to a phone.
      c. It can do a longer 60 second recording. Most just do 30 seconds.
      d. You can connect cable leads for addition recording options, which include a 5 minute option.
      e. It's small/portable/unobtrusive.
      f. Built in battery.
      g. Can make recordings/save/no additional "upsell" to get to your recordings.

      Instant analysis :
      Overall, I wanted insight into my heart. Is it really is skipping beats when I think it is? To monitor my heart during recovery after exercising. To train my heart to exercise/relax/exercise/relax...and this helps me. The built in analysis is so-so, but I have nothing to compare it to. Thumbs up as far as I can tell with my short time with it.

      My details/experience with it :
      1. I've used it A LOT in these past few days. A couple of times I was even lucky enough for it to catch a skipped heartbeat. But in the end, it just says "Regular heartbeat". I guess a skipped beat every now and then is nothing?

      2. I've looked at the patterns, and I notice every now and then they look slightly different, like a trending dip here, or a higher peak there. But always just end up with "Regular heartbeat" analysis. Makes me feel the only algorithm/analysis it does is nothing better than what you could also do by eye-balling the EKG recording.

      3. The display does seem accurate. It really is my pulse....but I wish you could alter the display size so you can see more of a trend...as it is, you can only see i think 3.5 seconds at a time.

      4. You don't need a phone to do a recording. That's one of the key reasons I bought it. Yes, you can transfer data to your phone or PC, but I wanted to record RIGHT AWAY WITHOUT ANY BLUETOOTH CONNECTION FUSS, especially if you notice something. I also use this when I exercise. I do short intervals, and pop this out to see what is happening to my heart during recovery...of course this gives me a lot of "fast heart rate" warnings, but I just want to see if my heart skips beats during the recovery phase.

      5. Start up is pretty fast. But when you use the touch-screen to select your options, make sure you are not touching the metal contacts on the device. Often I have my thumb and pointer-finger in place (a natural way to hold) and then my left hand touches to the options on the touch screen don't do anything....so move your fingers away on startup.

      6. I like the fact that you could do 60 seconds recording. However, for a 5 minute recording, you need to use the cable leads and silicone gel pads. FYI, I tried to use some gel pads that I used for TENS device. Did not work. The silicone gel was thicker there than for the Wellue. I guess that affected it. Use gel pads with thin layer I guess.

      7. You can't rename your readings to make a particular one stand out. Each recording item just shows Time/Date, User, Lead, HR, and it's analysis (Regular heartbeat), and a thumbnail of your EKG. So if you want to mark one and make it stick out, you better remember the Time/Date. You can edit the "user name" and make a note as well, but those will not show when you see your whole list of recordings.

      8. You can transfer your recordings to your PC...and keep as many as you want, and can print to PDF, and you can make notes.

      9. I tried to do a device "software update", even with the PC app running/recognizing the device, but I just keep hearing the device connect/disconnect. So I don't know what this is about. It should just connect, and tell me if there's an update or if I have the latest firmware already.

      10. Display is bright enough to see in day, and darkened to be unobtrusive at night. Audio beeping of your heartbeat while recording only. This is the "Voice" setting (on/off). No beeps on playback of your recording.

      11. The charging/data cable seems proprietary. I thought it was a regular Micro USB connector, but it is not. I don't recognize it. So don't lose it. Or order a second one.

      12. When connecting via Bluetooth, you can not select which recordings to download. It will download ALL recordings since the last time it Bluetooth-downloaded. So it is best to turn on device and delete recordings if you don't want/need them...then do the Bluetooth transfer.

      13. Looks like screen will scratch easily...so get a screen protector.

      14. Battery life seems pretty pretty pretty good! I've done well over 60 60-second recordings, a dozen or so 5 minute recordings, and about 30 or so 30-second recordings.. Battery is still above 50%.

      Thank you for your sharing and support. Wishing you good health.

      Top Tier EKG Machine

      Let me start out by saying I am an EKG Technician. Here is what I love about this machine, the amount of data capture and storage you can have. If you are monitoring something specific this device helps log what you did (what kind of placement, time, duration) and lets you print it out fairly easily. I love the user-friendliness of this device and the software it uses. I like the capability of being able to use wires and electrodes rather than just the plates. I fell like the price is very fair for its features and accuracy. It is very accurate. I know what my heart's electrical activity looks like due to having many 12-lead EKGs done on me during my training. This device shows almost the same activity as the fancy expensive hospital machines do (obviously not in 12-lead format). What I would love is the capability for 24-hour monitoring, especially for an at-home personal use device.

      Lowell S.

      I purchased the Wellue Pulsebit Pulsebit EX EX to measure heart rate and ECG waves. The Pulsebit EX was delivered promptly and in perfect condition. I used the Pulsebit EX to record arrythmia, and the free software "Pulsebit Browser" to measure heart rate and waveform values which I compared to healthy waveform criteria, documenting occurrences of extreme waveform irregularities. I experimented with the "on device" sensors and the electrodes. I found the electrodes, properly positioned on my chest, were the best for evaluating P, QRS, S-T and T waves. All the sensors provided ECG waves measuring irregular heart rates over 220 bpm. I have shared much of the data with my primary care physician, who has quickly scheduled an appointment for me with a cardiologist. Prior to having this data my physician was not interested in my heart rate, waves as a possible explanation for my health concerns. Analyzing the ECG data allowed me to change my exercise routines to improve my health, significantly reducing severity of arrhythmia. I am very thankful to Viatom for developing and marketing the Wellue Pulsebit EX and Browser software.

      Leon T.
      Great little device!

      Bought thiaDevice to try and catch my abnormal heart rhythm. My doctor hasn't been able to catch it on the heart monitor. After two days of using this I finally recorded an abnormal heart rhythm. Worth every penny in my opinion.

      John W.
      So easy to use

      This device is so much easier to use than my old 'Prince 180B' File storage, transfer, sharing and printing is simple. My echocardiogram technician commented on how good the quality of the trace and printout was. The 5 minute recording feature is invaluable for catching intermittent problems that the usual 30 second recordings miss. The price from the getwellue.com site was outstanding, with free delivery. I ordered from the US site and received it 10 days later.

      Mac connectivity

      Great monitor but can it download to a Mac computer

      pulsebit EX supports for MAC now, you may download from the software website.


      I am only 31 and have had multiple heart surgeries including a 7 hour one in March. My heart is still dancing to the beat of its own drum and I have 5 Cardiologist trying to figure out what to do...I have multiple heart devices, and this one is great. The fact it has the lead wires that can go in your wrists or your chest, makes this device way more accurate tha the others. Instead of trying to explain to your doctor what you felt sometime in the last week/month, you can literally show him the EKG strip of what happened.

      Sim P.
      accurate device

      This small, portable device is fairly accurate! I have palpitations that I could feel. I use the device, not to detect irregular rhythm but, to record the occurrences. When I use the device (in cables mode), each time when I feel the palpitation, the device shows and records it.

      Good quality

      I like the Pulsebit EX EKG Monitor - it is easy to use. Not sure how to determine the most important quality which is accuracy, especially during a pandemic when my doctor is basically unavailable other than over the phone. The only negative I can say at this time is I wish the instruction book had more detailed instructions and graphs showing the parts of the machine, etc. Yes, I figured it out on my own, but it just would have been nice if this type of specifics had been provided in the book.

      Tiny but useful!

      The product is tiny but it's so useful! There are many functions and it is able to connect with my phone and computer for me to analyse and print my ecg result. A pdf report will be automatically generated which is awesome!
      However the hand leads are not as accurate comparing with the chest leads.
      Overall, it's so easy to use and very helpful, what a great product!

      What's in the Box?

      • Wellue® Pulsebit™ EX Personal EKG Monitor

      • Charge/Data Cable

      • Quick Guide (includes PC software download link)

      • EKG Cable

      • Reusable EKG Electrodes, 5 sets

      • Carry Case


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      Key Features

      EKG & Heart Rate

      Record 30s/1min/5mins EKG and heart rate on your palm

      Free APP & PC

      Free Phone APP & PC software allow you to save, review, download and share your reports

      Measure with external cable

      With external cable and electro pads, you can get noise-free EKG in any case


      Connect device to APP via Bluetooth 4.0

      Built-in Memory

      Work stand-alone even without mobilephone. Allows you to replay historical records


      Built-in rechargeable battery

      Tech Specs

      2.25 oz / 64g

      3.5'' x 2.2'' x 1.5''

      2.4'' touch screen, color, backlit

      Bluetooth 4.0 BLE 

      iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s / iPad 3 or above, Android 5.0 or above


      2-3 hours


      >500 checks


      Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery


      Windows 7 / 8 / 10, macOS 10.13 or above


      30 to 250 bpm


      30s, 60s, 5mins


      30s x 100 pieces


      Single or Dual