Personal ECG Monitor

Detect your heart with the most portable ECG monitors.

Portable ECG Monitor
Personal ECG with built-in data recording function for your daily life.

Show real-time ECG waveform, heart rate and result without a smartphone.
Wearable heart rate monitor, specially designed for workouts.
ECG Monitor with AI Analysis
Continuously monitor ECG/EKG for 24 hours. To Generate report with AI-ECG analysis.
24-hour Holter monitor to detect arrhythmias with AI analysis.
Take ECG on your palm or take noise-free ECG with external cable. Get AI results on App.


I want to take instant ECG, what kind of product should I choose?

The Portable ECG Monitor, Portable ECG Monitor with OLED Screen, and Personal ECG Monitor are instant ECG Monitors. We'd suggest you to choose one of these instant ECG monitors.

What information does the ECG analysis software/Mac App provide?

On free PC software or Mac App, you can download ECG waveform and detail reports including overview (6 items, such as Total number of heartbeats, Percentage of atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation), supraventricular rhythm (8 items, such as Couplet of PAC, Total Number of Supraventricular Heart Beats), ventricular rhythm (8 items, such as Total Number of Ventricular Heart Beats, Number of PVC), HRV (10 items, such as SDNN, RMSSD), ECG report conclusion (5 items), hourly statistics table of ECG data, and ECG Fragment.

Does Strap-free Heart Rate Monitor supports ECG recording?

Yes, the Strap-free Heart Rate Monitor can support ECG recording for up to 30 minutes.

I suspect I have atrial fibrillation. Which product should I choose?

We'd suggest you to choose ECG Recorder with AI Analysis or 12-Lead Holter Monitor. Both support long-term ECG monitoring and can detect 17 kinds of heart problems with AI analysis.